Sarah Fischer

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Sarah Fischer

Hi my name is Sarah Fischer - I originate from Nottingham/England and moved here to the beautiful Lake of Constance over 29 years ago.
I have discovered and learnt over the years about many of the wonderful treasures that this region holds.

From the mountains to the lakeside, the vineyards to the fruit orchards. All with outstanding views and fresh clean Alpine air.

Come and join me for a small insight into all these treasures, not forgetting most importantly the 3 excellent local wines to be tasted and enjoyed.

  Gästeführungen von Sarah Fischer

“Wine is the most civilised thing in the world” (Ernest Hemingway)

My tour entails a short comfortable stroll through the vineyards where I shall explain how to vine grows throughout the seasons and just how that little grape evolves.
We shall partake of 3 wines at one of the most beautiful panoramic viewpoints looking out from the Bavarian hills.
Also whoever wishes to show there dab hand at our local cork-catapult game can do so.
I look very much forward to meeting you.
Sarah Fischer (Qualified Tour-Guide for the Bodensee-Allgäu-Region)

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Erlebnisort(e): Nonnenhorn, Wasserburg, Hattnau
Termine: By arrangement
Uhrzeit: By arrangement
Dauer: 1 ½ - 2 hrs.
Kosten: 15,00 € per person (including wine-tasting)
Teilnehmeranzahl: From 6 participants or negotiable numbers
Sprache: English